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Live in Brooklyn, NY - 11/15/19Live in Brooklyn, NY - 11/15/19Live in Brooklyn, NY - 11/15/19Live in Brooklyn, NY - 11/15/19

NEW single SIDELINES coming soon!

PHONES on Irish radio: RTE R1, Live on "Arena," GalwayBayFM, CarlowFM, TodayFM, KCLR-96FM..

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  • PHONES cynthia’s “solo” single (2019) picked up by National Irish Radio (98fm, TodayFM, CarlowFM, GalwayBayFM, KCLR96fm and more!) 
  • RTE Radio 1’s ARENA (appearance on September 12)
  • Irish Solo Tour & ‘Songwriters On Tap’ (collective) Tour; September 2019
  • Hot Press “Guest” Sex Columnist 2018-2019
  • KEEPER single (released by The Secret Things) picked up by Loud Kult label in Sweden. A shout out to the #Metoo movement.
  • TRANS COMMUNITY BENEFIT at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood 2017 - featuring (cynthia’s rock band) The Secret Things video remix of PJ harvey’s ‘Down By the Water’ raising awarness and tolerance for the TRANS community.  
  • TV and Film placements including ABC theme song for “Food for Thought with Claire Thomas”; Venice; Nickelodeon - iCarly, Drake n Josh, Victorius, Zoey 101; CBS Blueblood’s; Daytime Soaps -Guiding Light, Young and The Restless; Veronica Mars; And Then Came Lola and more!
  • RockSmith Video Game 2014: featured guitarist (Ubisoft)
  • US Tours /one-off's:  B-52’s, Metric, Beth Hart, Young Dubliners, Mark Geary +
  • Colours Festival, Czech Republic 2007 with Marianne Faithful + (with Saucy Monky)
  • Licensing deals with Warner Bros/429 and Measured Records in the UK.
  • Turbulence Album Review; Hot Press Magazine 2004 (maximum # stars)
  • The Late Late Show 2004, Ireland RTE Network (with Saucy Monky)
  • O2 in the Park 2004 with Westlife + (with Saucy Monky)
  • Oxegen Festival 2004: Wilco, PJ Harvey, The Cure, Pink + (with Saucy Monky)

Cynthia’s journey as a musician, singer-songwriter, and performer started with piano lessons at age 13. Out of the box, she won a trophy for her first live performance during a “battle of the bands” with her brother’s garage band. Honing her skill set with collaborators & bandmates in the basements of New Jersey, the clubs of New York City, and then onto LA for her brave move west.  She landed in Los Angeles with two suitcases and a guitar she won from a radio contest. A natural-born singer, Cynthia taught herself how to play guitar at open mics in Hollywood, cutting her teeth at shows and with early LA projects and recording sessions.  

In 2001, she met Dublin born Annmarie Cullen and Saucy Monky was born. The kismet songwriting team started their international indie-pop band on the stage of O'Brien's pub in Santa Monica. The quartet went on to chart in Ireland and tour in support of their debut Celebrity Trash, and follow up Turbulence (released in the US via 429/Warner Bros and Measured Records, Scotland). Their catalog of songs brought the girls onto festival stages with heroes like The Cure, PJ Harvey, Wilco, Pink, The B-52’s, Metric and more!

The LA Times said this about the band: “Saucy Monky shares a lot of the qualities of pop’s classic female-fronted bands — Irrepressible melodicism and smart lyrics...”

After her successful run with Saucy Monky, which included film and TV placement success and a theme song on ABC daytime, Cynthia joined the Los Angeles power trio The Secret Things. Always with a pulse on the European market, the band was picked up by Sweden’s Loud Kult Records in 2018 and released a set of singles and the EP Shock Diary. Last October the trio released the #metoo inspired track Keeper via Loud Kult with distribution from The Orchard. The Secret Things made 3 provocative music videos, directed by Sue Ann Pien culminating in their cover of PJ Harvey’s Down By The Water. The video's altered subject matter (the original was a filicide story) kickstarted a series of benefits to support the Transgender community in Los Angeles.

Last year, Cynthia was invited by editor Niall Stokes to write a guest sex column for Hot Press Magazine. Fun to note, during their breakout Saucy Monky were media darlings and often found themselves in the pages of this prestigious music magazine (akin to Rolling Stone in the states).

This season Cynthia embarks on a long-awaited solo career! Her first single Phones was released worldwide in July, paired with a captivating video once again directed by Sue Ann Pien. In September, she returned to the Irish shores for a string of solo shows and a live performance on RTE Radio 1’s Arena.  After solo dates, she met up with friends and international singer-songwriters Annmarie Cullen, Naimee Coleman, Sylvie Lewis and special guest Adam Marcello (Katy Perry, American Idol) for shows with the Songwriters On Tap collective.

Follow Cynthia on social media.  She's currently in Los Angeles recording, and performing one off shows in the States - with plans to return to ireland for a subsequent tour in spring 2020.





F  u  n  F  a  c  t  s

As his vocal coach, cynthia trained Jimmy Gnecco  of OURS' during his recording with Rick Rubin.

Wrote and produced an ABC daytime theme song with writing partner Annmarie Cullen.

The Secret Things debut was on a festival stage with Jimmy Eat World and Neon Trees; the trio won an iHeart radio contest.

Also and actor, cynthia studied in NYC @ Uta Hagen's HB Studios.  

photos by Sue Ann Pien
photos by Sue Ann Pien

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A performance snippet from cynthia's Irish tour, here's "All The Things Ya Know"

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Watch the captivating video by Sue Ann Pien link on YouTube.

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Hot Press (excerpt below)  

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Jimmy Gnecco::

Lead singer of OURS, recording artist, songwriter & producer.

"In my opinion, Cynthia Catania is not only one of the greatest singers in the last 30 years, but of all time. She changed the way that I look at singing when I was a young boy, and her influence on me is probably the strongest in my life. The way that she slithers through the different spaces of her head voice and chooses when to push air or connect with her chest voice has always been so unique to me and unlike anyone else. Her range and power have always blown me away on both a technical and emotional level. Not only is she a dedicated singer, but she is one of the most committed artists that I have ever witnessed. 

She has given her entire life to it, always pushing forward no matter what obstacles are in front of her. A true artist through and through. She is incredibly dear to me."

Julie Wolf::

Producer; musician & vocalist for Carly Simon, Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco, Maceo Parker.

"The first time I heard Cynthia Catania sing I was pinned to the back wall in a state of wonderment. She was tapped into something that felt elemental –– and I was deeply moved. Her voice and how she was using it required my listening –– it was as if I had no choice. Sometimes a voice can do that. And the thing is –– she has gone to that place each time I've heard her since... It's how she rolls –– deep and wide. I'm grateful to know and experience her –– as a listener, as a fellow musician, and as a producer. Cynthia is a gem." 

Michael James::

Producer/Mixer; New Radicals, Hole, L7, Robben Ford, Edwin McCain.

“Cynthia Catania is one of my most trusted first-call music professionals for any number of different recording endeavors. She can produce a record, she can sing all the parts and play most of the instruments, she can assemble a crack team, and most importantly, she can respect the artist’s creative vision and help to manifest it. When Cynthia works on my productions, she puts as much love and care into them as if they were her own—but she never hijacks my artistic vision. As an example, her own personal music tends to be quirky and independent modern rock, but I often hire her to seamlessly blend into tracks for mainstream Pop and R&B artists. It’s one thing to have great chops, but it’s “next level” to sing or play the appropriate part for any given song. Cynthia possesses the wonderful quality of being able to do just that. Highly recommended!” 

Vicki Randle::

Singer-songwriter, musician; Dr. John, Wayne Shorter, Kenny Loggins, Herbie Hancock, Aretha Franklin, Todd Rundgren the Tonight Show Band with Jay Leno, Skip The Needle.

“Cynthia Catania is a revelation; a miracle of vocal clarity, stratospheric range and acrobatic ability coupled with brilliant and moving songwriting. Her lyrics are deep, incisive, punctuated with that holiest of all grails, hilarity. She is one of my favorite artists and one listen will make her one of yours, too. “

S T E V E   G I L E S::

Singer-songwriter, bassist, producer; 3 Penny Needle, DLM, Obvious Wish, Saucy Monky, The Secret Things.

“Cynthia is a unicorn, one of those mythically rare talents that only cross our paths a time or two in our musical journeys.  I've had the privilege of making music with her for many years and I've seen her wear virtually every musical hat there is to wear with passion and style and fiery, singular talent.  She can sing like an angel, play guitar like a demon, and write the kind of songs that the world needs to hear. Cynthia also has an amazing knack for finding the most interesting production choices, sprinkling a track with those magical little bits of fairy dust that can put a song over the top.  I'm proud to call her a musical partner and I absolutely consider her one of the most talented people I've ever worked with.” 

Naimee Coleman::

Singer-songwriter, EMI recording artist; Aurora, Barry Gibb, Songwriters On Tap.

“Cynthia Catania is one of the most genuinely talented artists I have ever worked with. She has the ability to silence a room in seconds once she starts singing and connects with an audience on a level that leaves you feeling breathless. 

As a songwriter, she is able to capture true raw emotions like few can and her songs swim around your head for days after listening. Her rich voice and soaring melodies invoke beautiful, heartbreaking and joyful emotions with ease and skill. The honesty she writes with is incredible and leaves you feeling like you’ve shared a very special moment. 

She is deeply dedicated to her music and has fostered an amazing community of Indi artists in Los Angeles and further afield. Over the years she has constantly supported other independent musicians, be it recording, producing or singing on tracks to help others visions come to life. Now it’s time for Cynthia to get to share her amazing body of work with the world. She is a rare and wonderful talent and the world needs to hear her music.”

Tad Wadhams::

Songwriter, (co-writer on grammy-winning record with Sheryl Crow), Bassist for FarmDogs, Bernie Taupin, Jim Cregan.

“The first time I wrote a song with Cynthia Catania was the first day we met. That song still stands as one of my all-time favorite collaborations. Ever. The lyrics she wrote were so sad, so touching, I just wanted to hug her and comfort her! LOL, I was blown away. Cynthia is a rare talent, and a wonderful person who deserves our support.”

D A N   N E L L E S::

Drummer; Amy Heff, DLM, The Secret Things, Everlong.

“I have been watching Cynthia sing and play for numerous years. She is a generational talent, with a voice from God, and one of the greatest singer-songwriters on the planet.”

J O E  L A V E L L E::

Comedy Song-writer; Dr. Demento Show.  

“Cynthia Catania throughout her career has sought to lift up other artists as familial companions on a shared journey. Whether by showcasing artists to new audiences with her Songwriters On Tap series and her olivoiL Indie Nights, helping artists connect with one another by way well matched personal introductions, or simply by dedicating herself to making an artist’s live performance sound wonderful while she’s behind the mixing board, Cynthia  has made it a mission to use her resources to help others shine."

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